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    Exhibitor network in the U.S.!

    EXPAND YOUR REACH by advertising on the MovieGoer Network! 

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    MovieGoer Network

    The ONLY online/mobile Exhibitor Ad network available in the U.S.!



  • What we do

    We offer Movie Studios a robust list of top US Exhibitors.  

    We represent actual movie theatres across the US, that have ONLY ONE purpose…To sell tickets!! That’s their business! 



    • NATIONAL PRESENCE: 96% US Traffic!

    • GROWTH: 37% Unique Visitors increase over 2014

    • VIDEO GROWTH: 45% increase! More Movie trailers watched = Time spent (avg. 3 minutes per user)

    • PERFECT AUDIENCE: The ONLY digital exhibitor network – 95% of our websites are ACTUAL exhibitors!

    • BOX OFFICE POWER: As of June 24th 2015 MGN sites have generated 3.2MM ticketing purchase clicks for the top 10 grossing movies of 2015!

    • CROSS VISITING: AFTER users discover and make decisions on the MovieGoer Network Exhibitor’s websites about which movie to attend, then they may go to Fandango & Movietickets.com for purchase fulfillment ONLY or they can purchase directly on the MGN Exhibitor’s websites.

    Exclusive and Incremental Audience!

    • PURE ORGANIC REACH: Bullseye to the perfect audience, 99.94% organic traffic
    • DISCOVERY/ INFLUENCE: Trusted source of movie information for millions of users
    • BOX OFFICE SUCCESS: Multi-platform ticket sales call-to-action and offline influence
    • NATIONAL PRESENCE: 100% coverage (including Alaska and Hawaii)




  • Portfolio of Sites

    The MovieGoer Network’s national reach
    will expose your brands across 85 publishers and 4,500+ screens!
    These are 6.3MM potential digital ticket buyers!!!

    on Tickets Sales and brand engagement



    Reach all audiences! 

    Presence across all platforms!

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